Calcium Hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2

CAS Number: 7778-54-3
Batch number: V003

Chemical Formula: Ca Cl 2 O 2 Mixture of dibasic salt of calcium hypochloride, calcium oxychloride, calcium chloride and calcium hydroxide.

External Appearance: White or light colored powder with lumps.

Specification: Active chlorine content minimum by mass 27 %: established 30.03%

Physical Properties: Density (bulk weight g/cm 3 ): 0.6 0.9

Applications: Degassing, bleaching, potable water decontamination and desinfection.

Packing: Polypropylene bags with polyethylene liners 25kg each.

Transportation and Storage: All covered carriers except for airborne carriers. Store in closed non-heated, dark and well-aired rooms.

Guaranteed storage term is one year.

Special Properties and Safety Precautions: Calcium Hypochloride dust and released chlorine irritates mucous of respiratory tract and skin cover. Calcium Hypochloride is non-combustible, but it is a strong oxidizer, it may cause inflammation of organic products if contacted. Use special garments and filtering gas mask for working with Calcium Hypochloride.